Can you please contact the shops to find out when your favourite ladies are working. Sorry for any inconvenience. Julie xxx

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Hi guys,

Firstly I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Julie the director of New Tingles and Little Tingles.

As you can see I have two establishments, one in Fenton and the other in Stoke, New Tingles and Little Tingles. Both of my shops are ran at a very high standard. My receptionists are trained to deal with any issue you may have. Our first priority is to make sure you feel welcome and leave happy with a smile on your face.

Unlike my competitors I do offer a membership. This is a nominal fee but allows you as a member many more benefits. We do not want your personal details, just your Christian name, password and date of birth.

We do many different themes at the shops and we have now added a 'glory hole' Keep an eye on the website for the latest ideas and be sure to check out when our next party is on, a real treat for the not so shy gent. Or why not try our 'greedy girl' or 'greedy boy' as this might fit your budget better.

I am always available to chat about your experiences and willing to listen to any feedback you may have. My contact details are on the 'contact us'page.

Hope to see you all soon and many thanks for taking the time to view my website.

Love Julie xxxx

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